Lifespan Respite

NC Lifespan Respite Voucher Program is open for applications. Please note that our application has been changed slightly with additional questions.  Please complete the application fully. We are currently awarding respite vouchers to eligible caregivers who have not received any publicly funded respite in the past 3 months. Note, the application process has two steps: The Referring Agent must complete and sign the Lifespan Application on behalf of the caregiver, then a final Caregiver Certification form will be sent to the Caregiver to sign and return.
Please note: If a caregiver would prefer to receive the award documents in Spanish, please indicate so near the end of the application. If a Spanish-speaking caregiver has an English-speaking friend or family member who helps with translation, please also add that individual’s name, phone number, and email address to the application in case additional questions arise.

North Carolina Lifespan Respite Program

north carolina lifespan respite projectThe North Carolina Lifespan Respite Program is an application-based program that reimburses eligible family caregivers caring for individuals of any age for up to $750 in respite care services in a calendar year. Funding is limited, and applications are accepted only when funds are available.

Applicants must be referred to the program by a local professional organization. The professional organization (referring agency) will complete the online application on behalf of the family caregiver.  The final application step is for the caregiver to provide their signature on the Caregiver Certification - either via electronic signature when email is provided or as a hard copy to be sent via mail when no email is provided in the Lifespan Respite Voucher Program application.  

Approved caregivers receive an award letter authorizing their respite expenditure for up to $750. The caregivers are then able to hire any worker or respite provider they choose, as long as any individual they hire is not actively involved in the hands-on/direct care of the care recipient; does not live in the same home as the care recipient; does not have Power of Attorney or guardianship; and is at least 18 years old. Caregivers can use these funds for adult day care, overnight respite in a facility or their own home, a licensed home care agency, a private individual caregiver of their choice, or a variety of other options which let them determine when and where respite is provided and who provides it.

Lifespan Respite Voucher funds may not be used to supplant other respite funding or to pay for respite services already being received. Voucher funding may extend current respite services, but the respite services purchased with voucher dollars must go above and beyond what is currently being received. Voucher funding must be used to provide services that allow caregivers to take a break from caregiving duties. Vouchers are NOT intended to be used to provide care so that the caregiver can go to work or to purchase housecleaning or yard work services.


  • Caregiver must be at least 18 years old and a North Carolina resident.
  • Caregiver must be providing unpaid care for an individual of any age.
  • Neither caregiver nor care recipient can be receiving ongoing, publicly funded in-home services or other respite care, including adult day care services. Those who are on waiting lists for these services are eligible for Lifespan Respite Vouchers. [See examples of publicly-funded respite services (PDF)]
  • Priority is given to:
    • Caregivers with the greatest economic need.
    • Caregivers who provide direct care for their loved one.
    • Caregivers who have not received a publicly-funded respite break within 3 months of submission of application. (Applications not meeting this criteria will be considered if there are emergency or extenuating circumstances.)
  • Applicants must be able to use voucher funds within 90 days.

Application process

  • Family caregiver is referred to the program by a professional organization (referring agency).
  • Referring agency completes online application form on behalf of the family caregiver.
  • Family caregiver completes Caregiver Certification form.
  • Application is processed by the High Country Area Agency on Aging (HCAAA).
    • HCAAA provides additional instruction and required paperwork.
  • Family caregiver must be able to:
    • Pay for services in advance if bill arrives prior to reimbursement. Reimbursement check will be mailed within five (5) business days of receipt of completed paperwork from caregiver.
    • Screen and hire respite provider.
    • Complete required paperwork (Private Provider Agreement, Record of Respite Service).
    • Submit required paperwork within 14 days from expiration date noted on award letter.

Helpful forms

For additional information on the North Carolina Lifespan Respite Program, contact the Caregiver Program Coordinator at 828-265-5434 ext. 139 or