Tai Chi for Arthritis - Advanced Class

Lois E. Harrill Senior Center

Tai Chi for Arthritis - Advanced Class, is an extension of the foundational Tai Chi for Arthritis evidence based program.    This class will deepen your knowledge of the original TCA form and add on the additional "TCA part 2" form series as well as integrate additional Qigong exercises into our practice.  As the collective class knowledge and ability permits, we will transition into learning the traditional Sun 73 Form.  The program improves balance both mentally and physically thus significantly reduces the rate of falls in older adults. Additional benefits include improving relaxation, vitality, posture, and immunity.  Join us on Mondays at 2pm, starting January 9th at the Lois E. Harrill Senior Center in Boone.  Contact Nicole Hiegl (828) 265-5434 ext. 113 for additional information.